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Yu Wheels, established in 2018 as a company specializing in import, export and wholesale of quality passenger, light truck, commercial truck and ST trailer tires.
We cooperate with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers from the cities in India without putting the buyers through through an exhaustive process of searching and buying the tires from the local tire shop. Eventually a buyer ends up paying more costs for his tires when bought from these shops. We aim to eliminate all the unrequited cost escalating activities involved in the process of buying tires for your vehicle.

@ yuwheels it’s all online in just three steps ⬇
1.screen / search for your tire
3.place order
And your tyres will be @ your door steps in no time.
Visit our product range and start placing orders!
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This cooperation allows us to offer a wide range of private and major brands at very competitive prices.
Yuwheels Tire Corporation offers the knowledge, experience, confidence, and capability to supply customer around the India.

Over the years we have successfully demolished the myth about imported tire buying in India.
We offer value for money brands like Kenda and Hifly known for their high quality and safe on-road performance.
We have tires designed for your journey.
On-road, off-road, on the race track you can count on our quality
Don’t believe us??
See what our customers has to say.
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HIFLY Product line:
  •   HF805
  •   VIGOROUS HP801
  •   HF201
  •   SUPER2000
  •   ALL-Turi 221
  •   Win-Turi212

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